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Communicating The Transformation Of Work and Faith Through Digitalization

Image by Suganth

The VW Digital emerges out of a pursuit to inspire, communicate and support the work life of the people of God through its user-friendly interface. The Portal is able to meet the challenges in reaching out to a very busy congregation in an urban setting. Hence, VW Digital Portal has been a crucial element for the integration due to its efficiency in desiminating information- via its creative presentation, easy to use interface and the 24/7 connectivity.

The interactive digital portal links all the social medias network of the church to create discussions, share work life stories,blog, facilitate webinar, talks and forum to reach its targetted participants.

The VW Digital through its Customer Relation Management (CRM) platforms helps manage surveys, promotional,  questionaires and interviews  seemlessly and track the progress of the integration.

A Live dynamic session- Switching On Your Monday will be added to the platform on a later date to enhance the online content of the integration for its participants. 

VW Digital is a valuable communication tool that is essential for the Work and Faith Model we are building.

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