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Tell The Story. The Theological and Biblical Story of Work and Vocation

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1. The Story of  Work.

The Theological Vision of our Work 

Story will help us to make sense of our work. We will look at work from 4 different lens through the metanarrative of the scripture. We will start from creation, on how work was created good and then came the fall which has affected work. Work is fallen but not destroyed, and it was redeemed by God. This has brought hope to the work we do now, while it waits for its glorification. This will help clarify-

1. The question of Design, Why Work is important for a fulfilled life?

2. The Issue of the Fall on work- Why is Work difficult and challenging?

3. The Redemptive purpose of work

4. The future of Work which would denote the very purpose we are called. 

2.The Story of our vocation.

The Biblical Foundation of our called life where God participate in our life to saved us to served others through our Work

The story of our called to salvation where God participate in our life via a mystical union. This participation is done through Christ in faith. Christ participate and cooperate with us by empowering us through the giving of gifts (Charisma) to serve our neighbours as God would cared for them and love them. The Call to Salvation (our being/identity/purpose) and the work we do (our doing / sanctification) are seen to be intricately woven together in the holistic redemptive plan of God. This is the biblical foundation of the integration. 

Module 2: About Us


The Theological Vision of Work

To understand the integration is to know that story of our work in relation to the metanarrative of the scripture. This story is the theological vision of work seen through 4 lenses, namely, creation-fall-redemption-glorification. 

Through this story, we know who God is, who we are and what is God's purpose for us (our being) and how we live out our vocation and work in the light of Kingdom living.

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Module 2: Welcome
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Module 2, Part 1. The Theological Story of our Work Via Zoom and YouTube Live

Sunday, 22 May, 8.30 pm.

Module 2: Headliner


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The MetaNarrative of Work - Designs

This is the Full Transcript for Module 2.

Contact me if you have any questions or remarks.

Module 2: Files
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Paul Minear

The Bible is 'an album of casual photographs of laborers... A book by workers, about workers, for workers- that is the Bible.'

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