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The Theological  Vision of Work and Faith Integration
The Biblical Foundation of Vocation

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The Story of Work: The Theological Vision

Understanding the theological vision of work is crucial for navigating our journey of work and faith integration. Through the lens of Scripture, we explore work from four distinct perspectives within the overarching metanarrative. Beginning with creation, we recognize that work was originally deemed good. However, the fall introduced challenges and obstacles into the realm of work. Nevertheless, work maintains its intrinsic value and dignity, having been redeemed by God. This redemption instills hope, imbuing our work with purpose as we anticipate its ultimate glorification.

This narrative addresses essential questions:

  • The Question of Design: Why is work indispensable, and what makes it integral to life?

  • The Fall and its Impact on Work: What are the origins of the challenges and hardships we encounter in our work?

  • The Redemptive Purpose of Work: How has God's act of redemption transformed the essence and significance of our work?

  • The Future of Work: What is the ultimate calling that motivates us to engage in work?


The Story of Our Vocation: The Biblical Foundation

Our journey of integrating work and faith finds its foundation in the biblical narrative of God's redemptive plan for humanity. Through a mystical union, God extends a call to salvation, inviting us to join Him in serving others through our vocations. This divine partnership is exemplified through Christ, who empowers us with gifts (Charisma), talents, and skills to guide us to our work in extending God's care and love as we serve our neighbors. The call to salvation encompasses our identity, purpose, and existence, seamlessly intertwining with the work we undertake to participate in God's work, resulting in a holistic and redemptive integration of a good work. This biblical framework underscores the interconnectedness of our faith and work within the context of our divine calling to salvation.

The module will cover the following :

  • Calling and Vocation Overview

  • Type of God's Calling

    • Sacred and Secular​

  • The Call to work

    • The universal Call​​
    • The specific Call
  • Calling to life not just work

    • The  concept of Mystical Union - the Call of Salvation​

    • The concept of Participation to the work of God

  • God's guidance and discernment to particular work 

    • The Need of the World​

    • Talents, Gifts and Skills

    • Truest Desires

  • Freedom and Obedience in Christ


The Theological Vision of Work

To understand the integration is to know that story of our work in relation to the metanarrative of the scripture. This story is the theological vision of work seen through 4 lenses, namely, creation-fall-redemption-glorification. 

Through this story, we know who God is, who we are and what is God's purpose for us (our being) and how we live out our vocation and work in the light of Kingdom living.

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Module 2, Part 1. The Theological Story of our Work Via Zoom and YouTube Live

Sunday, 22 May, 8.30 pm.


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The MetaNarrative of Work - Designs

This is the Full Transcript for Module 2.

Contact me if you have any questions or remarks.

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Paul Minear

The Bible is 'an album of casual photographs of laborers... A book by workers, about workers, for workers- that is the Bible.'

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